Border Pro iPhone App For Carriers | 2014 Update

When launched on Jan 10, 2012, the Border Pro iPhone app for Highway Carriers was a first of its kind in North America. Pacific Customs Brokers designed the app to help streamline the process for highway carriers crossing international borders. The Border Pro app allows you to check PARS (shipments to Canada) and/or SCN  (shipments to the USA) entries while in-transit. It also provides recent status updates via SMS or email for PARS and/or SCN entries, along with a direct contact call button to our 24/7 customs and carrier service team.

Since its release, the Border Pro app has had 1,500 downloads and over 30,000 PARS and SCN queries made. Owner-operators, carriers, drivers, dispatchers and self-carrying clients who have used the app comment on its simplicity and ease of use.

If you have not yet had the chance to try the this free app, visit this link to learn more about the Border Pro iPhone app.

Features Include:

  • Check the status of PARS and SCN entries for existing Pacific Customs Brokers clients
  • Get SMS or email updates on your PARS and SCN entries
  • Direct call button to our headquarters which is ALWAYS open, with a 24/7 LIVE reception team
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Note: The Border Pro iPhone app can only check the status of shipments if Pacific Customs Brokers is the designated customs broker associated with the cargo control number entered.

It is a known fact that mobile Internet usage has been spiraling over the last few years. With this in mind, our development team has been working on a responsive multi-platform website that would make an excellent extension to our app. This would mean one website that would adapt to all screen sizes no matter the device, making it an easy-to-use experience for our all of our clients and industry partners. We'll keep you updated on the soon-to-come website in the coming months.

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