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Emerging Export Market: Non-Alcoholic Beverage Imports
Misty Gibbins

You may have noticed a few more drink options on restaurant menus and grocery and liquor store shelves; non-alcoholic beverages. Although long-standing brands have held these spots, never before have there been so many options. They are referred to as mocktails, zero-proof cocktails, and contain little to no alcohol within them but all the flavor of favorite bar go-tos. With so many of these businesses opening up shop in Canada, and increasing demand, exporting to the US may be the next step of your commercial growth strategy.

May 31, 2023
Summer Cross-Border Recreation Travel Into The US
Aimee Miller

Summer is in full swing, which means more reasons to travel, and what better way to do just that than with an RV escape to the US? Although Canada and the US share one of the world's most significant and robust relationships, recreational travel for Canadians could be subject to secondary inspection when going through Customs clearance.

May 18, 2023
From Waste To Wonder: Navigating US Import Regulations Of Upcycled Goods
Breanna Leininger

Upcycled goods have generated increased interest over the past few years as more consumers and businesses seek ways to reduce waste

April 19, 2023
US Free Trade Agreements
Misty Gibbins

The US has many trade programs and agreements with numerous countries worldwide. With 15 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in place, there is ample opportunity for businesses to find benefit in these programs. Free trade agreements allow qualifying goods to be imported at a reduced rate and, in some instances, a duty-free rate, should they meet the eligibility requirements.

April 12, 2023
Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) Region Alert Takes Effect
Misty Gibbins

US President, Joe Biden, signed the Uygur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) in 2021. Did you know under this act, your goods may be excluded from importation into the US? This is true; however, it depends on the country of origin where the goods were produced or manufactured.

March 16, 2023
CBP Duty Drawback Process: Documentation Needed To Support Your Claim
Misty Gibbins

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) believes up to 85% of potential refunds of duty go unclaimed yearly. However, did you know that CBP has a program where an importer can request a refund of up to 99% of duties paid on goods that were later exported, destroyed, or returned to the supplier?

March 15, 2023
The Global Economy: Top Commodities for the US & Canada
PCB Group

The global economy is as interesting as it is complicated. There are a host of factors that influence how not only nations but also people around the world do business together. Some factors include trading in the form of imports and exports and fluctuations in

February 22, 2023
Counterfeit Goods And Intellectual Property Rights: What To Watch Out For This Valentine's Day
Breanna Leininger

This past November, just ahead of the holidays, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) warned consumers of the perils of buying counterfeit goods with their "unbox real happiness" campaign. With Valentine’s Day ahead, this message still rings true. Not only for consumers looking to purchase a gift for that special someone but also for intellectual property-holding manufacturers trying to compete for business in a knockoff market. Let's delve into the world of counterfeit goods by unveiling the impacts these illegal tactics have on economies, businesses, and consumers throughout the year and how companies can protect their intellectual property, especially over holidays like Valentine's Day.

February 9, 2023
Tips and Tricks For Shipping Gifts
Breanna Leininger

Picking out a present can be laborious, accompanied by gift limits and import tax on gifts regulated by federal governments making the entire process more taxing. Preparation is the key to getting the presents you want into the hands of those you love without the additional hassle. If you are shipping a gift or operate a business that ships gifts internationally or domestically, we can assist you in getting your cargo to the intended destinations with various trade, freight and customs brokerage services tailored to your shipping needs.

November 15, 2022
Tips To Mitigate The Fears Behind Tariffs
Breanna Leininger

What is a tariff? In today’s world, a tariff is a tax enforced by the US federal government to protect domestic industries against environmental, safety and competitive threats. Tariff codes apply to goods imported from a foreign market, which is where the Harmonized System (HS) comes into play.

October 26, 2022