How CBP Keeps A Close Eye On Relationships Within The Customs Transaction

In this week’s blog post, we explore a lesson that more than one importer has had to learn the hard way. Anything that affects valuation is of interest to the CBP, and that includes any special rates, deals, or considerations resulting from a ‘Related Party.’ Did you get a great price on textiles from your Canadian uncle? You may want to read this one before you attempt to import it.

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Bottles of alcohol.

Alcoholic Beverages

Craft beer, wine, distilled spirits, cider, whiskey, malt beverages

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Phones, computers, circuit assemblies, monitors, power units

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Medical Supplies

Medical devices, bandages, masks, wheelchairs, ventilators and other related items

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Wood furniture, wood products, manufactured wood products, tables, beds, or wardrobes

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Fresh produce items such as bananas, kiwis, grapes and mangoes etc.

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