Customized and efficient

US Customs Brokerage

Looking for a Customs Broker to assist with your imports?

Each day, goods from all over the world request entry into the US requiring review from US Customs and Border Protection and other Partner Government Agencies. Many factors come into play with these requests including the complexity of the commodity, its origin, and the quality of paperwork.

A Customs Broker can help you ensure these variables have received a pre-clearance request review, to ensure your goods meet their requirements and avoid the risk of delay or denial of entry.

Customized Operational Process

What you want, when you want it.


  • Customized pricing model
  • Customized release process
  • Pre-clearance compliance review
  • 24/7/365 release services and support
  • Any mode, any port of crossing, any time


Conduct and review all of your trade activities in one place.


  • Release request submission
  • Release status dashboard: CA, US, Intl. Freight
  • Partner Government Agency status
  • Customs forms template creation
  • Customizable reporting

Trade Advice

The trade practice protection every importer needs.


  • HS tariff classification determination
  • Advantageous sourcing review utilizing free trade agreements
  • Duty drawback assessments and applications
  • Prior disclosure
  • Pre/post verification audits

The Learning Center

Learn all about international trade straight from the people who practice it compliantly everyday.


  • Wide range of topics including Classification and Valuation
  • Accredited by NEI and CSCB for professional development credits
  • In-class, online, one-on-one or group training customized for your needs

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