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Customs Forms Are Moving to a New Platform

In an effort to improve your experience, the customs forms hosted on this webpage and in our legacy forms platform Formlink, are moving to our new web-based application called Global Trade Concierge® (GTC).

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Global Trade ConciergeGlobal Trade Concierge® (GTC)

Global Trade Concierge® is a web-based application developed by Pacific Customs Brokers. Primarily a forms management system, GTC, is a fast, efficient and user-friendly way of creating and managing multiple customs forms. GTC also connects you to your shipments and provides live status updates on U.S. and Canada-bound goods.

Global Trade Concierge® (GTC) Forms

U.S. Customs Invoice

U.S. Customs requires that certain information be provided; this form is used to provide that information to customs for all U.S.-bound commercial goods. The form may be prepared and/or provided by the supplier or importer of record.

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NAFTA Certificate of Origin

Strictly for eligible goods from Canada, and/or Mexico and valued over $2,500 USD, this Certificate of Origin is used to request a lower duty rate for eligible commercial goods entering the U.S. under the North American Free Trade Agreement. If eligible, it's important to note, this program is not mandatory for your importations; and assistance is highly recommended. Also, U.S. Goods Returning (USGR) require separate documentation to make the duty free claim.

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U.S. Proforma Invoice

A proforma invoice may be used when the commercial invoice or U.S. Customs Invoice is not available; for instance in the case of a commercial shipment when no monetary transaction has taken place between the importer and exporter.

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