AD/CVD Updates: Wooden Cabinets & Large Residential Washers

By Misty Gibbins, Pacific Customs Brokers Inc. 2019-04-03

Wooden Cabinets & Vanities from the People's Republic of China (PRC)

A-570-106 & C-570-107

The Department of Commerce has initiated an investigation on “Wooden Cabinets and Vanities and Components from the PRC. It is likely they will move forward with AD/CVD duties on these goods.  The scope of the case includes wooden cabinets and vanities that are for permanent installation, as well as wooden components thereof. Subject goods are made of solid wood and engineered wood products such as wood particles, fibers, plywood, strand board, block board, particle board or fiberboard and bamboo.


Wood Cabinets and Vanities usually consist of a cabinet box, which typically includes a top, bottom, sides, back, base blockers, ends/end panels, stretcher rails, toe kicks, and may or may not include a frame, door, drawers and or shelves. The case includes cabinets or vanities with or without wood veneers, wood, paper or other overlays or laminates and or without non-wood components or trims such as metal, marble, glass, plastic or other resins, whether or not surface finished or unfinished and whether or not completed.


The cabinets and vanities are covered by the investigation whether or not they are imported attached to or in conjunction with, faucets, metal plumbing, sinks and sink bowls, or countertops.  However, if the goods are imported with the plumbing or sinks listed only the cabinet or vanity will be subject to the AD/CVD duties.


Large Residential Washers (washing machines) from Korea and Mexico

The United States Trade Commission reviewed an AD/CVD case concerning Large Residential Washers from Korea and Mexico.  Their review of the case resulted in the revocation of the AD/CVD case on Large Residential Washers from Korea. The case against Large Residential Washers from Mexico will remain in place.  

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