U.S. Trade Representative: Exclusions on Section 301 Duties

By Misty Gibbins, Pacific Customs Brokers Inc. 2019-03-26

On July 6th, 2018, the first round of 25% additional duty rates went into effect on $34 billion dollars worth of Chinese manufactured goods.  The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) allowed for parties to request certain products be excluded from these additional duties.


How will this affect your Imports:

If your products are among those listed as excluded from the list one section 301 duties of 25%, this means you will not have to pay the additional duties moving forward.  Additionally, the exclusions are retroactive to the start date of the action, July 6, 2018, so you can request a refund of the additional duties you paid out.


How to get your money back on past entries:

Contact us. We can request a refund of the duties paid on your behalf.


USTR Announced Round One of Exclusions:

On December 28, 2018, the USTR announced the first round of exclusions from the Section 301 duty of 25% on list one of goods manufactured in China. These exclusions will be retroactive to  July 6, 2018, and will extend to December 27, 2019.


Tariff numbers fully exempt from list one of Section 301 duties are listed below:

8412.21.0075 - Hydraulic power engines and motors, linear acting (cylinders)

8418.69.0120 - Drinking water coolers, self contained

8480.71.8045 - Molds for rubber or plastics, injection type

8482.10.5044 - Other, radial ball bearings, single row, 9mm and over but not over 30mm

8482.10.5048 - Other, radial ball bearings, single row, over 30mm but not over 52mm

8482.10.5052 - Other, radial ball bearings, single row, over 52mm but not over 100mm

8525.60.1010 - Citizens Band transceivers (CB Radios)


In addition to the tariff numbers listed above, ITC has also awarded partial exclusions to the following tariff numbers:

8407.21.0080 - Certain spark ignition engines for marine propulsion outboard  

8412.21.0030 - Certain linear acting cylinder engines and motors

8419.90.2000 - Certain stretchers of stainless steel designed for processing paper fabric

8420.10.9080 - Certain roller machines with dies for embossing paper

8421.19.0000 - Salad spinners of plastics/capacity of 2.4 and not more than 3.8 liters

8421.21.0000 - Certain non-electric water filtration apparatus/ three cylinder shaped filter...

8425.39.0100 - Certain winches

8428.32.0000 - Certain elevators

8428.33.0000 - Certain belt conveyors

8439.99.1000 - Certain machines parts used in the papermaking industries

8466.92.5010 - Certain workstands designed for use with miter saws

8481.90.9040 - Certain angle cock handle assemblies

9022.14.0000 - Certain Radiation therapy systems

9032.10.0030 - Certain thermostats designed for air conditioning or heating systems


USTR Announces Round Two of Exclusions:

On March 25, 2019, the U.S. Trade Representative published a Federal Register Notice announcing the decision to grant the second group of certain exclusion requests from the 25% duty assessed under the Section 301 investigation related to goods from China (Tranche 1). The product exclusions announced in the notice will be retroactive as to the July 6, 2018 effective date (see 83 FR 28710). The exclusions will extend for one year after the March 25, 2019 Federal Register notice.




Tariff numbers fully exempt from list one of Section 301 duties under round two are listed below:





In addition to the tariff numbers listed above, USTR has also awarded partial exclusions to the following tariff numbers:

8413.70.2004 - Certain submersible centrifugal pumps

8413.81.0040 - Certain breast pumps

8413.91.9095 - Certain impeller housings of cast iron

8414.90.4165 - Certain compressor housings designed for turbochargers and plastic impellers

8421.19.0000 - Certain salad spinners of plastic not electrically powered

8421.21.0000 - Certain machinery for filtering water

8421.99.0040 - Certain filter housings, covers or couplings of steel

8428.32.0000 - Certain steel l-shaped bucket elevators

8431.49.9095 - Certain vulcanized rubber tracks for use on construction equipment

8439.91.9000 - Certain rotors designed to agitate paper and water into pulp

8471.70.6000 - Certain automated data processing storage units not assembled in cabinets

8479.10.0060 - Certain bituminous pavers, self-propelled

8481.30.9000 - Certain check valves of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

8481.10.9000 - Certain check valves of plastics

8501.10.4020 - Certain electric motors, AC permanent split capacitor type

8501.31.5000 - Certain dc motors rated t 739.6W

8504.32.0000 - Certain electrical transformers

8515.11.0000 - Certain battery powered soldering irons or guns

8538.90.6000 - Certain knobs of injection molded plastics

8539.90.0000 - Certain molybdenum foil filament assemblies

9013.80.7000 - Certain thin-film-transistor, Light emitting diode LED/crystal display modules

9014.80.2000 - Certain depth sounding apparatus with digital display

9018.90.7580 - Certain restraint packs designed for chest compressors

9027.90.5650 - Certain inoculator sets of plastics

9031.80.8085 - Certain tuners designed to clip onto musical instruments

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