Changes to Importer Identity Form 5106

By Misty Gibbins, Pacific Customs Brokers Inc. 2019-03-08

Effective March 16, 2019, U.S. CBP will replace the old address update form 5106 with the new version.


This form is required when adding new companies to US CBP’s database. For example, when a Canadian company establishes a sale with a new buyer in the U.S., that consignee would need to be added to the CBP database via the 5106 form.


Customs requires the form be completed by the individual or employee of the company that owns the Social Security Number, Tax ID or EIN number being provided.


The most obvious change to the form is it’s length.  It is now two pages with two pages of instruction as opposed to the old form which was only one page.


However, we do note that only the items on the first page are required.  The details on the second page of the form are optional with the exception of the signature information at the bottom of page two.


The only new required data elements on the revised form are a contact phone number and email address for the company completing the form and the type of address being reported; residential, business etc.


A draft copy of the new 5106 form can be accessed here


As of this date CBP has not published the final version

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