Questions (and Answers) on FSVP: Foreign Supplier Verification Program

U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2017-06-07

FSVP requires importers to verify that their foreign suppliers of food for human and animal consumption meet applicable FDA safety standards. More specifically, FSVP requires that importers verify that their suppliers are producing food using processes and procedures that offer the same level of public health protection as the preventive controls (PC) requirements in the preventive controls and current good manufacturing practices rules for human food and animal food and produce safety FSMA rules, and that the food is not adulterated and properly labeled with respect to allergens.

Questions and answers to:

Q: When are the compliance dates for the FSVP rule?
Q: Who must be in compliance with the FSVP requirements by May 30, 2017?
Q: What do importers have to verify on May 30, 2017?
Q: When the first compliance dates arrived in September 2016 for the preventive controls rules, FDA indicated that it would focus on education, training, and technical assistance. Is that also true for this FSVP compliance date?
Q: Will FSVP change the admission process?
Q: What can importers expect when an investigator reviews their FSVPs?
Q: I already audit my supplier. Can I use that audit as a verification activity?
Q: For importers whose compliance date hasn’t arrived yet, what should they be doing to prepare for FSVP compliance?
Q: We’ve talked a lot about what importers need to know to be in compliance, but what about the big picture: How does FSVP protect our food supply?

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