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Congress Completes Hours of Service (HOS) Fix

Canadian Trucking Alliance 2016-12-14

Special legislation to fix the legislative glitch that threatened use of a 34-hour restart as part of the hours-of-service rule for truck drivers passed the Senate by a 63-36 vote margin.

According to US trade media, the bill, passed in the form of a Continuing Resolution, requires that DOT “follow the existing 34-hour restart hours of service rule for truck drivers to ensure continuity in federal rest regulations, should the report on the rule (mandated in prior Acts) not meet the criteria set by Congress.”

The problem stemmed from a policy rider attached to a bill last year that was, as Heavy Duty Trucking describes it, “so poorly written it inadvertently added requirements to a Department of Transportation study on the effectiveness of the restart provisions.” That study had been mandated earlier by Congress.

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