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TPP States Agree New Framework Needed to Implement Pact Without U.S.

2017-07-20 - The Japan Times

USTR Releases NAFTA Negotiating Objectives

2017-07-20 - Office of the United States Trade Representative

Statement by the Foreign Affairs Minister on the North American Free Trade Agreement

2017-07-20 - Global Affairs Canada

Japan to Host TPP Pacific Rim Trade Pact Talks

2017-07-13 - CTV News

FDA Updates Policy on Release Without Notification to Reflect Current De Minimis Level

2017-07-06 - Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg

U.S. Slaps Dumping Duties on Canadian Wood, Ottawa Vows to Fight

2017-06-29 - Reuters Canada

Canada Vows to Defend Supply Management as NAFTA Talks Set to Start in August

2017-06-29 - The Globe and Mail

U.S. in Trade Talks with Asian Nations to Replace TPP, Commerce Secretary Says

2017-06-29 - South China Morning Post

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