Global Trade Concierge®

Global Trade ConciergeGlobal Trade Concierge® (GTC) is a web-based application developed by Pacific Customs Brokers. Primarily a forms management system, GTC, is a fast, efficient and user-friendly way of creating and managing multiple customs forms. GTC also connects you to your shipments and provides live status updates on U.S. and Canada-bound goods.

Global Trade Concierge® (GTC) is the product of years of industry knowledge and technology expertise in helping businesses import and export goods around the globe. By improving visibility into the entire supply chain, Global Trade Concierge® will automate and manage your import and export processes while increasing compliance with customs as well as other government agencies. This in turn will reduce the costs, risks and delays associated with manual compliance and tracking efforts

Key Benefits:

  • Centralized, easy to use interface
  • Real-time shipment visibility
  • Efficient customs form, permit and declaration creation
  • Customizable solutions for your business needs
  • Minimized data entry errors

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2. GTC User
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