e-Management Services

USA FlagIn today's competitive business environment, the timely movement of information is as critical to your company's success as is the movement of your cargo. Security issues, increased competition, and rising consumer expectations are all raising the bar with respect to supply chain efficiency. We invest heavily in information technology to ensure that your supply chain moves at peak efficiency.

Pacific Customs Brokers' Web portal provides importers with access to Pacific Customs Brokers' web based management tools, providing real time shipment information. Clients have direct access to their information through an easy to use interface providing complete visibility and a transparent supply chain.

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Shipment Control Number Lookup

carriers and shippers can query our operational system for real time shipment control number status on their active shipments. No login required. Simply enter your shipment control number and results are provided in real time.

Import Compliance

Is a powerful management solution to control all aspects of your import transactions. Import Compliance acts as a management center for documents used in the supply chain process. The benefits of Import Compliance:

  • Control of data accuracy
  • Timeliness of shipments: release them when they are ready to ship
  • Access to your shipping & customs documents
  • Complete visibility

Internet Tracking

With our internet tracking system, you have real-time access to detailed shipment information. As information about your shipment is updated, the detailed shipment tracking data is made available through our website. The shipment-tracking tool is very flexible, as it allows you to select from a predefined list or generate customized queries. What's more, our internet tracking system facilitates the management of your company's regulatory compliance as well as your supply chain.

  • View all import transactions in one simple interface
  • View detailed information at shipment level
  • Immediately verify the Customs or Other Government Agency status
  • Ability to view and download shipping & customs documents
  • Ability to generate and download reports

Customizable e-Vent Notification System

eVent is a tool that allows clients to receive automated email alerts about the progress of their shipments. Clients can choose which events during their shipment's journey trigger an eVent message. eVents can be sent for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) release information, delivery orders, 7501s, billing information, and more.

  • Management by exception
  • Alerts you of shipment delays
  • Alerts you of Customs exams
  • Alerts you when shipments are held or released
  • Make your own e-vent
  • Receive notification on any status change
  • Ability to track shipments from any mobile device

On-line Customs Documents

Pacific Customs Brokers has developed easy to use PDF based on-line customs and shipping forms with a familiar format for all users. These on-line customs and shipping forms are the leading edge in technology for today's world of International Trade. All required forms and documents are accessible through our web site. Not only can you retrieve, fill out, save, print, modify, and re-print them at anytime, you can also submit the forms electronically to the appropriate office location that pertains to your shipping requirements. This is guaranteed to save you time and money.

Electronic Data Interchange - EDI

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between companies and replaces the faxing and mailing of paper documents. EDI documents use specific computer record formats, which are based on widely accepted standards. However, each company may use the flexibility allowed by the standards in a unique way to best suit their business needs.

We offer hands free EDI thus giving our clients the ability to release shipments to Pacific Customs Brokers using your own software. Information is transmitted via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to ensure timely and accurate transmission of data. The benefits of Electronic Data Interchange:

  • Data transmitted in a timely fashion from your own software
  • Data does not need to be re-keyed ensuring accuracy and improving efficiencies
  • Faster and more efficient transaction flow
  • Cost-effective
  • Improved accuracy
  • Functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year