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Canada Customs Invoice

Canada Customs requires that certain information be provided; this form is used to provide that information to customs for all Canada-bound commercial goods. The form may be prepared by the supplier, importer or customs broker.

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NAFTA Certificate of Origin

Strictly for eligible goods from Canada, the U.S. and/or Mexico and valued over $2,500 CAD, this Certificate of Origin is used to request a lower duty rate for eligible commercial goods entering Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement. If eligible, it's important to note, this program is not mandatory for your importations; and assistance is highly recommended.

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Confirmation of Sale

For all fresh produce shipments; this form replaces the Canada Customs Invoice. Required by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as your evidence that a firm purchase agreement has been made. It is reviewed by Canada Customs at the point of entry and relayed to the CFIA.

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Import Declaration

For food products entering Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency requires you to provide product and packaging information related to the shipment.

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Proforma Invoice

A proforma invoice may be used when the commercial invoice or Canada Customs Invoice is not available; for instance in the case of a commercial shipment when no monetary transaction has taken place between the importer and exporter.

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