Canada Export Centre

Canada Export Centre Pacific Customs Brokers has been appointed as the designated U.S. and Canadian Customs Broker for the Canada Export Centre.

Joint Marketing Alliance

Pacific Customs Brokers is pleased to be entering into a Joint Marketing Alliance with the Canada Export Centre. The intention of the Joint Marketing Alliance is to provide Pacific Customs Brokers' clients with the opportunity to market their goods and services outside North America. Canada Export Centres' extensive worldwide network, along with their ability to connect and build trade relationships will greatly benefit companies seeking business globally.

Looking for New Markets…?

Canada Export Centre connects buyers and sellers of products and services with the primary objective of generating sales. Their highly-trained team of professionals customized services and business development tools help-establish trade relationships which often result in multi year sales and business development arrangements. Clients rely on the Canada Export Centre name, network and reputation to lend credibility, to endorse their companies and to open difficult doors.

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CEC Buyer Services

  • One-stop destination for trade & investment opportunities
  • Convenient format to source products/services
  • Introduction to high-level officials in government

CEC Seller Services

  • Showcase your company in all overseas offices
  • Market research
  • In-Market Representative Program

CEC Financial Services

  • Corporate financing
  • Strategic planning
  • M & A advice and implementation
  • Access to offshore investment funds

Canada Export Letter - Customs Broker Appointment Letter