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TruckBorder Pro for Carriers is a ‘new’ service offering powered by Pacific Customs Brokers to best serve carriers, drivers, dispatchers and self carrying clients. We realize that all parties play a vital role in moving goods across international borders and with the common goal of delivering on time!

Border Pro for carriers is truly a full service border solution program aimed at assisting carriers. Pacific Customs Brokers can provide services to any carrier across North America and assist with goods crossing at any US/Canada border from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast. With our 24/7 live reception team (and no voice mail) and ALWAYS Open operation, Pacific Customs Brokers is here to help you cut through the red tape and avoid delays. Do you have carrier related questions? Our friendly, knowledgeable designated Carrier Help Desk will be happy to answer your call. We encourage you to call our designated toll-free Carrier Help Desk hot line or if you prefer email [email protected] and a member of our team will respond promptly and swiftly.


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Pacific Customs Brokers is proud to provide the following Border Pro carrier services. We welcome you to view the below links and learn more about each carrier service offering: