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Border Pro iPhone AppBorder Pro for Carriers is a full service border solution program powered by Pacific Customs Brokers, aimed to serve carriers, drivers, dispatchers and self-carrying clients. The focus of our program is help streamline the process for carriers crossing international borders and the Border Pro app will do just that.

The Border Pro iPhone app will allow users to check PARS (shipments to Canada) and/or SCN (shipments to the USA) entries while in-transit. It will also provide the user with the most recent status updates via SMS or email of their PARS and/or SCN entries, along with a direct contact call button to our 24/7 customs and carrier service team.

Important to Note: The Border Pro app cannot check the status of the shipment if Pacific Customs Brokers is not the designated customs broker associated with the cargo control number entered.

Now available Free on the iTunes App Store, or contact our Carrier Help Desk Toll-Free 855.542.6644.


Features:Border Pro iPhone App

  • Allows the user to check the status of PARS and SCN entries for existing Pacific Customs Brokers clients
  • Sends SMS or email updates on your PARS and SCN entries
  • Provides a direct call button to our office which is ALWAYS open, with a 24/7 LIVE reception team

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Border Pro iPhone App - SCN Instructions   Border Pro iPhone App - SMS results   Border Pro iPhone App - SMS results



To use Border Pro app you will need the PARS or SCN assigned to the shipment of an existing Pacific Customs Brokers customer.

Simply enter the number, click the ‘Check PARS’ button and the status of your shipment will appear on the screen. You may also enter your SMS or email address to receive automatic instant updates on your shipment number.

Should you query a number that isn’t in our system, or have a load that doesn’t have a customs broker assigned to handle the clearance, please contact our office for assistance by using the direct call button. We are open 24/7 with a live reception team to help direct you to resolve your cross border challenges.

If you require assistance with the iPhone app, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

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